Tyre size by car

Tyre size by car

To assist you in making the best choice when ordering tyres, please select the make of your vehicle from the list provided below.

This step will enable us to more easily identify the tyres and sizes that are suitable for your vehicle. We have tyres for all vehicle makes, so you will always find a tyre compatible with your needs, and at unbeatable prices.


What size are my car tyres?

Alloy wheels, which are becoming more common, allow you to personalise the way your vehicle looks by giving it a high-end look or a completely different look.

The use of aluminium is becoming more accessible in the automotive industry. Thanks to this metal, it is now possible to make nicer and lighter rims.

Alloy wheels improve your car's performance. Lighter rims reduce the weight of unsprung mass which increases comfort, traction, stopping distances and reduces fuel consumption.

There are various finishing touches for alloy wheels: paint, varnish, polish...there's something for everyone.

Alloy wheels are suitable for all types of vehicles and are available in all sizes therefore allowing you to change the size of your car tyres. It is possible to add larger rims for a more sporty look.

You may also want to mount wider tires, or get your rims from the body shop thanks to the chocks or track wideners. You can find the tyre/rim sizes on our correlation table, the tyre widths can accommodate every rim width.

Thanks to our 3D configurator, you can now see what the rims will look like on your vehicle.

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